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Replacement Costs

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How exactly does your insurance provider determine how much they will pay you in the event of a loss?

For most mobile or manufactured home owners, replacement cost is the best possible insurance policy option, because it provides the most protection against loss of your home. Typically, mobile home insurance providers do not cover replacement costs, they cover the total replacement cost and subtract any depreciation.

What is the Difference Between Replacement Cost, Actual Cash Value, and Stated Value

Replacement Cost
Replacement cost is considered to be the cost of replacing it with a similar or identical new model.

Actual Cash Value
How much you might reasonably expect to get for your home if you were to sell it in its current condition.

Stated Value
While it can make mobile home insurance more affordable, stated value insurance may also not serve to fully protect your interests in all cases.

Need Clarification?

Fortunately, we are here to help you navigate the process. Our agents make finding the right insurance easier by shopping and comparing quotes, from our partners, for you. Not only do we shop for you, but we present your coverage options in plain English and clarify the fine print to be sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting. We understand no two situations are alike and work hard to ensure clients understand and select the coverage that best meets their needs!


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